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Imai & Associates, based in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, is a patent firm offering a full range of services, starting with patent, utility model, design and trademark applications and extending to all other aspects of industrial property right protection in Japan. Imai & Associates has consistently placed top priority on quality and reliability, a policy that has made it the patent firm of choice among many corporate and individual clients.

Matsumoto City, home of Matsumoto Castle and gateway to the majestic Japan Alps, is surrounded by modern resort areas where urban amenities and rural pleasures are better blended. Good surroundings being a key ingredient of quality work, we at Imai & Associates rate our superb environment as one of our most valuable assets. At the same time, we have a system that lets us communicate directly with the Japanese Patent Office via digital lines. Using this system, we can do the all the works between the JPO such as filing applications of patent, utility model, design and trademark, and correspondences virtually instantaneously. Another system allows us to search all manner of databases and further expands our ability to provide the services our clients need in this information-intensive age. In addition, by maintaining close liaison with numerous overseas patent firms, Imai & Associates is able to provide top-rate services both ways between Japan and countries throughout the world.

Akira Imai

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